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Bringing hope to average and marginalized children in Nigeria

Dora Aid Foundation (DAF) is a non-profit organization supporting the rights and education of children in Nigeria and beyond. We achieve this by designing and implementing projects that promote child education and child right.

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Outreaches & Projects

Who We Are

Dora Aid Foundation aims to promote empowerment of children

We are a non-profit organization focused on improving the life quality of average Nigerian and African children. DAF was established in 2012 and has championed over 40 outreaches and completed 15 projects.


From 2013-2015, we designed and executed a feeding program for 150 children in community primary school Kalaibiama, Rivers state, Nigeria.


Throughout the 2 years and beyond, the number of children enrolled in the school continuously increased and so did their academic performances.

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Our Overall Goal

We have three core areas of intervention

To ensure that education is accessible and convenient for many Nigerian children & African children.

To support child health and continuously advocate for the investment & priotization of child health.

To champion child right advocacy related programs and advocate against all forms of Child Abuse.


Our Accountability Framework

Our accountability is essential to our continued ability to work and deliver our impact-driven
objectives. We apply resources at our disposal, the experience, skills and knowledge of our
team personal and third-party contributions, our networks and leverage value-adding support
for our army of Volunteers and partners.
We have pledged to tackle child Education deficit through our various outreaches, projects,
and infrastructure development programs.

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Hear the stories of the lives your donations has impacted

Medical Assistance and Scholarship

Our Son Prosper had a medical emergency and we didn’t have any money for his hospital bills. A neighbour told to reach out to Doraaidfoundation that they assist children and we did. They intervened immediately and our son was treated and discharged after spending 3 weeks in the hospital. He was also given a scholarship from 2017- 2022. 

Mr Boniface Ugwuoke

Scholarship Fund - Dee Unique Primary School

We couldn’t afford to send our children to school after we suffered some financial set backs. Our community leader informed us about the Scholarship Funds provided for Dee unique primary and secondary school in our community. We visited the school, our children took the entrance exams and passed and they were granted scholarships until the end of their primary education. 

Mr & Mrs Ike

Providing school supplies to students in need

Doraaidfoundation provided a total of 400 school shoes & sport shoes, as well as school uniforms for our students at community primary and secondary school Kalaibiama, Okpobo town in Rivers state. Before then, a lot of students came to school in worn out uniforms & damaged school shoes. Our students were more than happy to receive the donations. 

Head Teacher

Become a Volunteer

Be a part of a dynamic team working tirelessly to bring about positive social change in the world.


Join our donors community and impact lives

Become a catalyst for lasting impact by empowering individuals and communities in need. Your financial contributions directly support impactful projects and initiatives, creating ripple effects of positive change. Join our donor community today and be a driving force for positive change.

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Dora Aid Foundation (DAF), a non-profit organization supporting the rights and education of children in Nigeria and beyond.

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