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Past Projects

Discover the impact we’ve made through our past works

SAL Health Project (2015 - Till Date)

In 2015, during a medical outreach, in a community called Umuaka, in orlu Imo state Nigeria, our attention was drawn to a young single mother called ‘Modester’, whose one-year-old was ill and her symptoms included immense swelling in her right eyeballs.

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A Meal a Day (2016 - 2019)

A meal a day is a feeding program that was designed to provide nutritional lunch meals every day, for 200 school children in Community primary and secondary school kalaibiama, in Opogbo, Rivers state. 

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Endurance Scholarship (2017- Till Date)

No child should be deprived of the opportunity to acquire it. Endurance Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to sponsor primary and tertiary education for many learners emanating from low socioeconomic backgrounds with a burning desire to learn.

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One School At a Time (2021 - Till Date)

For education to be classified as quality, learning environments should be conducive and comfortable for learners. A school at a time is a project that focuses on renovating dilapidated schools within the different geopolitical zones in Nigeria. 

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Protect Nigerian Children (2021 - Till Date)

It is no news that Nigeria ranks high amongst the top countries in the world where the rights
of children are not protected. From child abuse, to child-marriage and child neglect. The high mortality rate of children in Nigeria is as a result of systemic negligence and how else can one tell the future of a nation if not through their children.

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The Life Project (2022 - Till Date)

Many learners living in waterine areas in Nigeria have to travel back and forth from school by boat. A large percent of these learners travel without life jackets. This practice poses as a threat and puts them in harm’s way. It is of our belief that the process of acquiring education
should be safe and comfortable for learners.

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The Library Project (2023 - 2028)

After many years of close engagements with the educational sector and strides to improve the quality thereof, we understand that schools play a big role in the development of children. One of the keyways to contribute positively to a child’s development and academic success is through fostering a love for reading.

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