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Nigeria still has a long way to go in terms of providing adequate primary health and education facilities to its entire population due to so many reasons, especially economic and security challenges. At Dora Aid Foundation, we work to close this gap, one life at a time.

Our primary goal is to support child education, promote child health and nutrition, and champion child rights advocacy.

The Dora Aid Foundation (D.A.F) is a duly registered non-governmental organization that was founded in 2012. The core focus of the foundation revolves around child health and child education advocacy. According to the 2013 Global Monitoring Report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, Nigeria now has the highest number of out-of- school children and one of the worst education systems in the world. Themed: Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges, the report states that Nigeria lacks progress in almost every Education for All (EFA) goal as corruption, conflict and lack of investment have resulted in Nigeria having one of the worst educational systems in the world. Another reason for low literacy rate in children is lack of facilities for primary education and this has only worsened the statistics of out of school children. It is either new nor news that children given proper health and education are the future founders and pillars of any nation. It is a fact that due to huge population, the Nigerian government cannot execute its responsibilities of providing health and educational facilities to the entire nation. It will be unwise to rely entirely on government for health and education for all. To fill this vacuum, there are many non-governmental organizations and social welfare institutes that are already working to provide primary healthcare and educational facilities to the under privileged classes. The Dora Aid Foundation with the support of partners and sponsors is poised to tackle this challenge and to the best of our ability help as many under privileged kids as possible. Since 2012 till date, we have affected the lives of over 2000 kids and have executed several outreach programs. We encourage you to take a tour of projects we have executed as well as upcoming ones to see how you can sponsor or partner with any of our out-reach programs. A wise man once said, “The only way for evil {Hardship} to thrive, is by good people doing nothing” You can be a source of help and hope to people today. You are welcome to join our team as a volunteer, partner or sponsor!

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What We Do


Education is the basis for development of any nation, because it is the foundation human capacity development. As such, Dora Aid Foundation is taking this area of our intervention as the most important of all. Education plays a significant role in promoting health care, livelihood, empowerment, hygiene, and protection of rights.

Nigeria has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world, estimated at over 10.5 million. Majority of these children are internally displaced owing to the activities of insurgents in North East, Nigeria. Many other regions in Nigeria and the Africa have serious challenges with school enrollment, retention and graduation. We are supporting child education through:

  • Teaching aid supplies
  • Back to School Project kits
  • Teachers Kits
  • Volunteer Teachers/technical team

Health and Nutrition

Child nutrition has direct consequences on their future, as such, today’s feeding or otherwise will have a striking impact on their health throughout adolescence and adulthood. At Dora Aid Foundation, we are championing projects that bring awareness, nutritional education, support and empowerment toward fighting Child hunger and malnutrition.

We primarily work with children displaced by conflicts and insurgency; children in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps, and those from communities that have been recovered from the insurgents. Dora Aid Foundation covers the following area under Child Nutrition:

  • Optimal Feeding support and advocacy
  • Child malnutrition and dietary needs
  • Optimal Child growth requirement support
  • Knowledge on Importance of Child Nutrition
  • Enlightenment campaigns on importance and consequences of poor Nutrition
  • Child Rights & Advocacy

    Dora Aid foundation, has worked with many organisations assessing the need for Child right advocacy, enforcement and domestication of so many national and international conventions of Child-rights. These children are exposed to various forms of violence, exploitation and abuse, including sexual abuse and trafficking, child labour, gender-based violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, gang violence, female genital mutilation, child marriages, and other harmful practices. We lend our voices and act to stamp out such bad practices by advocating for Child rights. Dora Aid Foundation helps with:

    • Child rights awareness campaigns
    • Dealing with neglect and abuse
    • Supporting single parents
    • Foster care placement
    • Early intervention
    • Counseling for pregnant teenagers
    • Dealing with truancy problems
    • Behavior modification
    • Addressing health issues and many more

    Our Team

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