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Past Project

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One School At a Time (2021 - Till Date)

For education to be classified as quality, learning environments should be conducive and
comfortable for learners. A school at a time is a project that focuses on renovating dilapidated
schools within the different geopolitical zones in Nigeria. These schools are in conditions that
undermines the importance of education and also affects the quality of learning. Our goal is
to renovate 20 schools before 2027 through partnerships and collaborations. The success of
this project is highly dependent on partnerships and our organization is open to working with
other organizations and companies who share in our goals.

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Endurance Scholarship (2017- Till Date)

No child should be deprived of the opportunity to acquire it. Endurance Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to sponsor primary and tertiary education for many learners emanating from low socioeconomic backgrounds with a burning desire to learn.

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Protect Nigerian Children (2021 - Till Date)

It is no news that Nigeria ranks high amongst the top countries in the world where the rights
of children are not protected. From child abuse, to child-marriage and child neglect. The high mortality rate of children in Nigeria is as a result of systemic negligence and how else can one tell the future of a nation if not through their children.

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