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A Meal a Day (2016 - 2019)

A meal a day is a feeding program that was designed to provide nutritional lunch meals every day,  for 200 school children in Community primary and secondary school kalaibiama, in Opogbo, Rivers state.


In response to wealth research which indicates that most children from low socio-economic backgrounds do not eat 3 square meals a day- leading to a decline general wellbeing and academic performance, A meal a day was designed to combat this challenge and in the first few months of implementing the project, the school recorded a 20 percent increase in the number of enrolled students and also an increased enthusiasm to learn.


At the end of the term, we recorded an evident increase in the academic performance of 65 percent of the students. Through the project, it became a certainty that well fed children perform better in school.


A meal a day was a 2 years long  project and once our implementation was completed, good citizens of Kalaibiama community, decided to continue sponsoring the project because of the difference it made in the lives of the children. Till date, students from community primary and secondary school still receive a meal every day in school. 

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SAL Health Project (2015 - Till Date)

In 2015, during a medical outreach, in a community called Umuaka, in orlu Imo state Nigeria, our attention was drawn to a young single mother called ‘Modester’, whose one-year-old was ill and her symptoms included immense swelling in her right eyeballs.

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Endurance Scholarship (2017- Till Date)

No child should be deprived of the opportunity to acquire it. Endurance Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to sponsor primary and tertiary education for many learners emanating from low socioeconomic backgrounds with a burning desire to learn.

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